About Easy DIY Murphy Bed

Mike and Nadia’s own Murphy Bed story…

Hi I am Mike. My wife Nadia and I are the owners of Easy DIY Murphy Bed Company. I am not really a fan of long stories and I don’t want to bore you with my story, but every one of us has a story that has led us toward what we choose to do in life and how we want to give back to society, right?

My grandfather was a professional carpenter and I guess I got the woodworking talent from him. Although I was always fascinated by woodworking projects, I worked in the printing business for years, until I finally decided that I want to do what I really love to do.

At the time my wife and I were living live in a work and live loft space downtown Toronto for a few years to save money and also to avoid the grind of the daily commute.

The problem was that it wasn’t so professional if our clients knew that we are living in the same space that we used as an office, besides we needed the space during the day when we were working on the printing jobs for our clients.

After researching many options that they wouldn’t work for us such as bunk beds, a friend told us about Murphy beds. The Murphy bed idea seemed to be the best way to solve our problem, but the ready made Murphy beds were too expensive to buy and we were on a tight budget. Since I knew about woodworking, we decided to buy a Murphy bed kit to save money.

I decided to order a Murphy bed hardware kit, although it was still pretty expensive, it was still cheaper than the ones that were already made. The problem was that the instructions weren’t explained properly and I had to call the company a couple times to get clear on the instructions.

It took me almost a week to complete this project. Obviously we had to close down our printing studio for a week which wasn’t good for our business and our clients! Finally the project got done, but we weren’t happy with the time that it took and the fact that we had to close the office down.

A short while later I started to realize there must be a better way of building a Murphy bed and after a few years of perfecting the idea, so here we are:

Building Murphy Beds Made Easy!

My first not so easy Murphy bed project helped me a lot at that time, and now my wife and I have dedicated our time to making the process of building a Murphy bed a lot EASIER & PRACTICAL for YOU!

We feel this is great the way to give back to society, so YOU won’t go through the frustration of figuring things out by yourself, like I had to, because we made it EASY for you!

We started our company last year, and unfortunately our old website was not very user friendly.

Our new website is new and completely redesigned, although I don’t want to brag about it! We kept YOU and YOUR NEEDS in mind when we designed this website, so all education and help you need in order to build a Murphy bed will be here for you.

We also thought about your budget and that’s why we offer the most competitive price in the current market for a high quality products like ours.

Unlike other Murphy bed companies we educate our clients about the whole process of building a Murphy bed, so YOU know what you will get and how the whole process works.

We also want YOU to have peace of mind when you purchase a Murphy bed kit from us and that is why we give you “Lifetime Warranty” on all the parts included in our kits, so if any of the parts ever have any problems we will replace it at no charge to you.

A lot of ordinary people and woodworkers right now are using the Easy DIY Murphy Bed Kit, because it is a straight forward, high quality product that keeps satisfying a lot of people.

You can refer to some of the testimonials and Murphy bed stories on our website.

We look forward to hearing from you so please share your opinion with me and Nadia and if you have any suggestions to help us improve this website and our kits, please do not hesitate to contact us directly  by going to the contact page.

Thank you for reading and visiting the site.

Mike and Nadia Hamilton