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hidden bed ideas for homes

How to create a hidden bed in any living space

By | Space Saver Beds | 2 Comments

How to create a hidden bed in the wall? Learn how to add a hidden bed into an existing wall or closet in your home. It’s easier than you might imagine using a hidden bed hardware system! Have you ever thought of hiding a bed in the wall, so people wouldn’t notice that there is a bed in the room at all? William Murphy thought of that in 1900 and the results is a kind of bed that is called after him, a “Murphy bed” or “wall bed”. A Murphy bed is a box that looks like a closet or…

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custom murphy bed designs

Customizing your DIY Murphy Bed without spending a lot of money!

By | DIY Murphy Beds | One Comment

Smart money saving tips you can start using today with your DIY Murphy bed! DIY Murphy beds are a great way to save thousands of dollars! You probably know that in the market there are DIY Murphy beds that come with wood and all the hardware ready to go. However one major limitation of going with the ready to go Murphy bed is cost. A ready built Murphy bed is usually over $1000 just for your basic white or Birch finish. That is for the basic, if you want to customize it, you need to pay more money. If you…

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building a murphy bed info

Things to consider when building a Murphy bed

By | How to make a Murphy bed | 3 Comments

Things you should know when “Building a Murphy bed“! There are a few basic skills you need to have when you decide in building a Murphy bed. Although the construction process of building a Murphy bed is not difficult for someone with basic woodworking skills, it can be a challenge for someone who has not done any woodworking projects before. So if you don’t have the required skills always keep in mind that you need to get professional help, because improper installation of a Murphy bed can result in injuries. There are five main steps in order to do a…

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space saver bed options logo

Saving Space with a Wall Bed

By | Space Saver Beds | 2 Comments

A space saving wall bed for every day use Comparing a wall bed to a futon or sofa bed as their advantages. Solve your lack of space with a few unique options, one of them being a wall bed! Lack of space is always a big problem, so you sometimes need to have a multi functional room in order to save space when your space is not large enough. So if you don’t want to leave one room of your living space just for an occasional guest who might visit a couple times a year, using a Murphy bed will…

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