How to Balance to your Muphy Bed Frame by  Adding Weights

Step-by-Step how add weight to the Easy DIY Murphy bed if it floats off the floor!

wall bed mattress weight example


A Murphy bed uses easy-lift pistons to counteract the weight of the bed frame and mattress. This action is what makes the Murphy bed easy to open and close. We always recommenced you use mattresses within a certain range of weight specified in the guide so the combined weight does not overpower the force of the easy-list pistons.

In most cases you will need to add no more than 5 lbs to 10 lbs. of weight to your Murphy bed if your bed frame does not stay down on the floor. 

However there are times when you may have to use a lighter mattress that usual therefore in this section you are going to learn how you can add weight to the footer end of your Murphy bed to make it heavier so the bed frame stays down on the floor when the bed is opened.

Step 1

The first step is to undo the mattress strap buckle.

removing mattress strap on wall bed

Then remove the mattress from the bed frame.

Make sure you have a helper holding down the bed frame as you remove the mattress, or the bed frame will fly up to the closed position.
This is because the bed frame has become lighter with the mattress removed, therefore the force of the easy-lift pistons has a greater influence on the bed frame. 

removing mattress from Murphy bed

Step 2

With a helper holding down the bed frame, remove screws holding the mattress support panels to the bed frame.
If you have a Twin size bed you will only have one mattress support.
Now remove the mattress support(s) from the bed frame. 

diy murphy bed mattress support removal

Step 3

You may require more than one weight to be placed on the bed frame. However start with one and then add more as required.
There are many types and styles of weight available.
Exercise dumbbells are available and many shopping venues like Walmart, and are relatively inexpensive.
The other advantage of using dumbbell weights is they come in many fixed weights making it easy for you to easily add the appropriate amount.
If using just one plate, place in the center of the bed frame as shown in the photo. 

placing the weight on murphy bed frame

If using 2 or more weights, place them on the footer end of the bed frame as in the photo.
Distribute the weights evenly so the weight is equally distributed.

dual weight placement on wall bed frame

Step 4

Measure the height of the weight plate and make sure it is not taller than the bed frame. Your bed frame should be 1-1/2″ high.
You can use weights that are less than 1-1/2″ high.
Most dumbbells will be around 1″ high.
Tip: It is better to use 2 or more smaller weights than using a big heavy weight. This allows for better weight distribution. 

setting up weights on murphy bed frame

Step 5

For this step you can use metal strapping available at most hardware stores.
There are various gauges and widths available.
Choose the size appropriate for the weight you are adding. In most cases 1/2″ wide strapping will do the job.
There are other options, but we recommend you use metal strapping since it has pre-punched holes already in it and makes it easy to drive the screws into the wood.

steel strapping for adding weights to murphy bed frame

Cut a piece of strapping 4 to 5 inches longer then your weight plate as shown in the photo.
You can cut the strapping using a metal shear or other appropriate cutting tool. 

preparing the steel strapping for securing the weights to wall bed frame

Step 6

Place the metal strapping on the weight plate and push the strapping around the plate so it molds to the shape of the plate as in the photo.

setting up strapping on murphy bed frame


When selecting the wood screws to attach the strapping to your bed face panels, make sure the screws are 3/4″ long or less. (Thickness of face panels parts I)
This will avoid driving the screws through the other side of the face panels.
If needed you can place a piece of scrap wood under the weight to make make the thickness of the face panels greater if you plan to use longer screws. Just make sure the combined thickness of the wood and weight plate is less than 1-1/2″. 

screw selection to secure steel band to bed frame

Step 7

Drive one screw into each section of the strapping as in the photo. We used 3  3/4″ wood screws like the ones that came with your Murphy hardware kit.
Driving a screw in the middle hole of the weight plate will stop it from sliding out.
If using heavier weights, example 10 lbs, use more screws to hold the plate to the face panels. 

attaching steel band to weight on wall bed frame

Step 8

We have now completed adding weight to our Murphy bed.
Now put back the mattress supports and mattress and you are all set. 

Tools required to install weight on Murphy bed frame

Troubleshooting Tip

It is important to stay within the weight range for your mattress. However for a lighter mattress, you can add weight to solve the problem. (if the bed frame does not stay down on the floor)

If the mattress is too heavy there may not be a solution.

complete installation of weight on Murphy bed frame