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Murphy Wall Bed Projects from Fellow DIY’ers!

Easy DIY Murphy Bed Projects by some of our Recent Customers

“Tim Mukaj illustrates how he built his own fully functional Murphy bed using one of the Easy DIY Murphy bed hardware kits. Tim chose to customize his wall bed to perfectly complement his living space.

We thank Tim for sharing this video with us and all of you.”

“Tim Mukaj, Ohio, United States”

“My name is Richard and I am a customer of yours. I loved your product so much that I bought a second kit. I live a far distance from family members who are scattered all over America and Japan so I use Facebook to post pictures of projects I work on, in order to let family see what I am up to. Much to my surprise, family and friends have loved the Murphy Bed pictures I posted along with the various other projects I work on. I started making videos instead of just pictures and to my surprise, the videos went over well on Facebook. I have been contacted by several people about the murphy bed and I happily refer them to your site and explain the process of deciding what type of bed and size they want. Anyhow, instead of just sharing my videos with friends and family, I recently decided to make a YouTube page in hopes that others can take a look and maybe use and share ideas and this is why I am writing you. I was wondering if you would mind if I put a link to your website on my video. I am not looking for anything at all in return, I just wanted to ensure I do not infringe on any of your rights and thought it best to ask permission first.”


“Hello again Nadia. Finally completed this project, thank you for your help”.

Simon built these beautiful twin size bunk beds using the Easy DIY Murphy Bed hardware kits. By using 2 twin horizontal hardware kits and some custom modifications he was able to create the beautiful bunk bed set up shown in the photo. Thank you Simon for sending us the photo. 

Simon Douglas, New Zealand

“Attached are photos of my bed. The instructions were very detailed. When I was confused (on the very few exceptions), the DVD video showing the procedure immediately which fixed my confusion.
If there are people who have thought of building a Murphy bed but are concerned about their skill level; I would like to say that having Lowes or Home Depot make all the cuts for them would turn this bed into an easy “anyone can do it” project as the hardest part, by far, was cutting the material.

I am very pleased about how solid the bed and the parts are.”

Donald Houldsworth, Winterpark, Florida

“Hi Nadia, just wanted to let you know we built a DYI bed from you and although it wasn’t quite as easy as you showed:) we are VERY-happy with the end results and it saved us $$$$$$. We were 2 novices and we even had to ” customize ” your design so it took us more like 2 weekends but your instruction books were wonderful and broke it down into manageable components…

We needed extra sleeping area for our children /grandchildren when they come to visit. The area where we placed the Murphy bed is where our granddaughters like to play “school” so I painted a magnetic/chalkboard on the bed face. We positioned the bed so that when it’s open whoever is laying on it can watch the fireplace.

Thank you again for making this project possible”

Lynette Johnson, Norton shores, Michigan

“We had to assemble things a bit differently than in the very good instructions you provide, but I build houses (and furniture) so it was not too hard to do.

You sell a great product, based on my limited experience, and I hope to use it again.
The accuracy of the instructions is so important and makes the difference between a good product and a bad one.

My client is happy as well. Thank you.”

Tom Perot, Sonoma, California

“For years, I loved to save space and as a matter of fact it is not the first time I make a Murphy, but I bought yours and I really liked it. Attached are a few photos of my project. I did this for my friend.”

Lester M., Miami, Florida

“Great instructions and product. Just wanted to share the finished product. I used leftover pieces of wood from my work shed and stained them.”

Alberto Perez, Miami, Florida

“The bed turned out great (pics attached). Great kit!”

Carmen Pistillo Jr, Mesa, AZ

“I wanted to give you some feedback on the product purchased recently. We followed the provided instructions, which were easy to follow, and within a few days, we had our murphy bed ready to use. It works well and we’ve had the chance to use it when company came for the holidays. Thought you might be interested to hear that your product works well.”

Christine Bogard, Missouri

“I have added a computer work station and desk. Just a little bit more tidying up but our granddaughter couldn’t wait to start jumping on it. Here are a few photos.”

Stuart Milne, Portland, Oregon

“The project was a success! I hit some road blocks. The first problem was that I don’t have a framing square. I thought that was no big deal. However, I learned later that was an issue. As a result, my initial cabinet looked lopsided. So, I had to get creative to remount the face panels AFTER the bed was fully assembled. I did this by prying the plywood free (I thought this might be a problem so I didn’t put the screws in at first) then laying the plywood face panels on the floor in front of the bed then laying the bed back on its face and adjusting it to fit then screwing it. I then had to trim the top of the cabinet so it would fit inside. It now looks great.

I used a couple of ikea dresser pulls for the handles and got some metal molding from Home Depot. I didn’t like the idea of the edging tape. Especially because I knew I would be using a steel wool and vinegar solution to Stain.

The steel wool and vinegar solution is very easy to make and use. I bought the finest steel wool available. Then soaked it in vinegar. All you need is 12 hours. I had it dissolved for 2 weeks though. The vinegar breaks down the steel and when you paint on the solution the wood reacts to what you see. You can see the Unstained wood in the final phot to see the reaction difference.

I winged it on the strap installation. I couldn’t find that in the instructions. I ended up just using some washers and putting that into the frame with a wood screw. Maybe I missed th instructions for that?

Overall I thought the project came out good. I did have to by Forster bits. Then, I almost went out to get a spade bit to drill the bed frame holes. However, I realized I could use a Forster bit for that task as well. You might want to consider including that in the instructions.

Thanks for your product and for sending me the cut list early. I was happy to get the cutting done early!

Thanks again”

Hans Menos, Jersey City, New Jersey


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