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How to Disassemble a Easy Do-It-Yourself Murphy Bed

Step-by-Step How to Disassemble your DIY Murphy Bed

This tutorial explains how to take apart your Easy DIY Murphy bed in case you need to move it to another location or decide to store it away. The complete disassembly procedure should take no more than 30 to 45 minutes for first timers.

You will require a helper to assist you with the bed disassembly process. 

You have the convenience of watching the video below or going through to the step-by-step photo tutorial. Both formats cover the same steps. 

This photo shows a finished vertical style Murphy bed standing against the wall before any disassembly.

Please note that the steps for the disassembly of a horizontal wall bed are the same.

Wall bed standing upright ready for disassembly.

Step 1

Start by undoing the mattress retaining clip. 

Undoing mattress strap on Queen-size wall bed

Now remove your mattress from your Easy diy Murphy bed while your helper holds down the bed frame. 

Removing mattress from wall bed

Step 2

After you have removed the mattress, close the bed. 

Remove all the 1-1/2″ inch screws holding the cabinet top stopper component to the cabinet top. 

Removing screws holding down cabinet top stopper

Step 3

Get your helper to pull the bed open a little so you can easily remove the cabinet top stopper from the bed. 

Opening wall bed for removal of cabinet top stopper component
Removing cabinet top stopper from Easy DIY Murphy bed

Notice how the bed frame is now recessing into the cabinet a little at the top after you remove the cabinet stopper component.

Wall bed with cabinet top stopper removed

Step 4

Now remove the lag bolts anchoring your Murphy bed to your wall. 

Removing lag bolts to loosen bed cabinet from the wall

If you used other type of fastener go ahead the remove them so bed frame is loose from the wall. 

Wall bed cabinet with lag bolts removed

Step 5

You and your helper need to move the Murphy bed cabinet away from the wall. 

Moving wall bed cabinet away from wall for piston removal

Move out enough until you have enough space so you can safely fit behind the bed cabinet.

Murphy bed cabinet away from the wall

Step 6

Get your helper to stand in from the of the bed frame while holding the bed handles.
This is important for safety and also will help you to remove the pistons in the next step.

Safely holding bed frame while removing pistons

Step 7

While your helper is in front of the bed holding the handles, pry back the retaining clip on the piston end fitting just enough for the piston to come away from the upper ball stud plate.
Note: Your helper might have to move the bed frame in or out very slightly to allow the piston to pull away from the upper plate easily. 

Close up of right side clip on piston fitting

Do this for both the left and right side pistons.

Prying back piston fitting clip to remove it from ball stud

Important Tip

The bed frame should now fall back into the cabinet all the way until it rests on the upper header board in the back of the bed as shown in the photo.

Wall bed cabinet recessing into cabinet after pistons removal

“Important Safety Tip”

Make sure you or your helper do not let go of the bed frame after you remove both pistons. Use at least one wood clamp to stop the bed from accidentally  falling forward. The bed frame at this point will be very heavy and can be very dangerous. 

Clamp on wall bed cabinet for safety after removing pistons

Important Tip

You may want to place a piece of cardboard, wood or mat on the floor for the next step. This will prevent the bed handles from scratching your floor when you perform the next step.

Card board on floor to protect wall bed frame

Step 8

While your helper is holding on to the bed cabinet, slowly lower the bed frame down to the floor.

Note: The bed frame is very heavy at this point, and you may need another helper to help you lower the bed frame.

Lowering Murphy bed frame onto the floor

Step 9

Now you are ready to remove the pistons from the lower plates if you wish.

Removing lower piston clip on Easy DIY Murphy bed

You can also use tape to hold the pistons to the side rails as shown in the photo. This will allow you to easily move or store your bed frame.
If you wish to make the bed frame lighter you can remove the mattress support(s).

Taping wall bed pistons to bed side rail for storage

You may also do the same to the fold-up legs installed on your Easy DIY Murphy bed.

Remove them or tape them.

Removing folding legs from DIY Murphy bed
Taping the fold-up legs onto bed frame on wall bed

Step 10

With your helper grab both sides of the bed cabinet and slowly lower it to the floor as in the photo.

Lowering wall bed cabinet onto floor for disaseembly

Your bed frame should now be resting on the floor as shown in the photo. 

Murphy bed cabinet resting on floor after being lowered

Step 11

Remove the screws holding the cabinet top component to the cabinet sides. 

Removing screws from cabinet top component on wall bed

Do this for both the left and right sides. 

Removing screws on right side of wall bed cabinet stopper

Step 12

Remove the screws holding the upper header board to the be cabinet and remove the header board from the wall bed cabinet. 

Removing upper header board from easy diy Murphy bed

Step 13

Remove the screws holding the lower header board to the cabinet sides. 

Removing screws from lower header on wall bed

Do this for both the left and right sides. 

Removing screws on right side of wall bed for header removal

Remove the lower header board away from the cabinet. 

Taking away lower header board on DIY Murphy bed

Step 14

Remove the retaining pins from the male pivot plates holding the cabinet sides to the bed frame. Pull the male pivot away from the lower plates mounted on the bed frame. 

Removing retaining male pivot clips on easy diy wall bed

Do this for both the left and right sides. 

Remove the cabinet sides away from the bed frame. 

Removing right side panel on easy diy murphy bed

Congratulations! You are now done.

Your bed frame is now ready to be moved or stored away, along with the other parts of your Easy DIY Murphy bed. 

Wall bed in room after disassembly ready for storage.