Applying the edging tape

How to Build a Murphy Bed Step 3

Although this step is optional, applying veneer or melamine edge tape to your Murphy bed parts
will give them a finished professional look.

For plywood use wood veneer edging and for particle board use melamine edging.

white melamine edge banding Wood color edging banding

The edging tape comes in big and small rolls, but for a Murphy bed
you will need a big roll or a few small rolls.

You will require 70 to 90 feet of edging tape depending on the size of the wall bed you are building.

melamine edgingedge banding for wall bed parts

You can also use solid wood edging trim to give your exposed Murphy bed
parts edges a finished look.

solid wood edging trim

Below are the basic steps of applying edging tape. Our video included with our hardware kits contains detailed instructions on how to apply edging tape. 

Where to apply Edging tape

All the edges shown in the diagram should be finished with either melamine edging or wood edging depending on the lumber you are using. MDF can be sanded smooth. 

edging tape diagram for wall bed