Inner bed frame construction

How to Build a Murphy Bed Step 8

The inner bed frame is another main part of the Easy DIY Murphy bed.

You will need to cut all twelve 1”x2” solid wood bed frame pieces to the specified length in booklet number 1, “Cutting Guide & Items List”.

Also, you need to cut two 1”x2” pieces for bed frame sides, as listed in the cutting list for each respective mattress size.

The inner bed frame determines the size of the mattress that can be used.

The inner bed frame for a twin-size wall bed is 39”X 75”. For a double size mattress wall bed, it is 54”X 75” and for a queen size it is 60”X 80”.

wall bed inner bed frame graphic

Basic steps for building the inner bed frame

Below is basic overview of the steps for for building the inner bed frame. Our DVD and construction guides illustrate the process much more in depth.