Installing the mattress supports on the bed frame

How to Build a Murphy Bed Step 12

Now it is time to put the mattress support(s) on the inner bed frame.
You will need two mattress supports for a queen or double size Murphy bed and one piece for a twin size.
We recommend 1/4″ plywood or Masonite, but any thin wood that is smooth would work.

The mattress support will let the mattress to slide easily and provides a good flat support for your mattress.
You will also need some wood screws according the construction guide to attach the mattress supports to the bed frame.

mattress support on wall bed frame graphic

Mattress supports on Queen size Murphy bed frame.

mattress suport on twin size Murphy bed

Mattress support on Twin size Murphy bed frame.

Basic steps for installing the mattress supports on the bed frame

Below are the steps for installing  the mattress supports on the bed frame of your Murphy bed. Our DVD and construction guides illustrate the process more in depth.