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All You Need To Know About How to Build a Murphy Bed.
Here are Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Our Easy DIY Murphy Bed Hardware Kits, installation tips, supply checklist and more.

When you build a do-it-yourself wall bed, you will need to use a Murphy bed hardware kit, because it makes it very easy to create a wall bed since all the complex technical stuff is worked out for you.

The other purpose of the hardware it to make it easy to open and close the wall bed since it contains a set of easy lift pistons. The kit includes all the measurements to cut the wood for the size of wall bed you choose to build.

Each hardware kit contains all the parts that you need to attach to the wood according the measurements and instructions in each kit.

This hardware will make it possible for you be able to open and close your Murphy bed almost effortlessly.

We are providing you the Murphy bed hardware, but you still need to buy wood, screws and edging tape to build your Murphy bed.

If you are building a double or queen size Murphy bed, you will need 4 sheets of 3/4” thick plywood, and 2 sheets of 1/4“plywood, or similar thin wood  for the mattress supports.

You will also need 12 pieces of 6-foot 1×2’s pine for frame struts and 2 pieces of 8-foot 1×2’s for the frame sides. You will also need a 8-foot piece of 1×3 pine for the cabinet top rear bracket.

If you choose to build a twin size Murphy bed, you will need 3 sheets of 3/4“and 1 sheet of 1/4“plywood.

There are a few basic skills that you need to know in order to complete a do it yourself Murphy wall bed project:

You can build your Murphy bed with sheets of plywood or use the fancy laminated wood that cost hundreds of dollars for a sheet!
In general, depending on the type of plywood you choose the cost can be between $250-$450. Regular plywood is about $50-$80 a sheet at most bog box stores in Canada.

The type of wood you use is very important when you build a DIY Murphy bed.

We offer two options in our cutting guide and every cutting guide has the measurements for two types of wood:

  • Plywood
  • Particle board or MDF

You can build the entire Murphy bed out of plywood if you wish.

If you choose to use particle board or MDF, you MUST use plywood for the bed frame parts, because this is where most of the stress takes place it won’t break easily.

Yes, you can use any memory foam mattress provided it falls within the range. You may have to add some weight to the footer end bed if the mattress is too light.

There are modifications that you can do and there are some you cannot do, because it may not work! Please contact our expert staff to discuss your modifications before you proceed.

Yes, but you will have to follow the instructions to disassemble a Murphy bed. It’s basically the opposite of the assembly process.

We carry hardware kits for all popular mattress sizes such as Twin/Single, Double/Full and Queen.

Our kits are available in both vertical mount and horizontal mount configuration.

What kind of mattress do I need for my Murphy bed?

Our wall bed kits are designed to be used with any innerspring mattress up to 12 inches thick. Your mattress should weigh between 60 to 80 pounds depending on the size of the bed you are building.

After you purchase our hardware, you still need to buy wood, screws and edging tape to build a functional Murphy bed.

Here is what you will need to buy:


If you have a circular saw or table saw and you are familiar with woodcutting you can cut all the wooden parts yourself.

However, you can also go to the Home Depot or Lowes and get the wood cut by them. Simply give them measurements.

Home Depot may charge $1 for each cut if you buy the wood from them. Sometimes, they also do the cuts for free.

Many local lumber yards also cut wood for very small fees.

This is the decision that you have make when you plan the construction of your Murphy bed.
If you want to get better results and make a professional grade Murphy bed, you should place the hardware, make the holes, take the hardware off to paint or stain the wooden parts, then place the hardware back on the parts and attach it.

The maximum weight that a single or twin Murphy bed can handle for a person is 275 lbs., obviously if you purchase a double or queen the maximum weight would be 550 lbs. for two people.

By referring to the chart below you will know what is the maximum weight for your size of wall bed. If you use a heavy mattress for a Murphy bed, your bed will be too heavy for the pistons to lift which is not very convenient. Any innerspring mattress up to 12” thick will work great.
Heavy, pillow top mattresses are not suitable for a Murphy bed. For each size Murphy bed, there is a weight limit for the mattress. If your mattress is too heavy, the pistons would not function properly and the bed would be hard to close. That is why you need to keep the mattress weight within the range.

Yes, all the parts in our Murphy bed comes with Lifetime warranty, but you must register for it. We may require some pictures of your finished Murphy bed.

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