Easy DIY Murphy Bed Frequently Asked Questions

Here are Answers to Common Questions We Get Asked Often About Our Easy DIY Murphy Bed Hardware Kits.

What is an Easy DIY Murphy Bed Hardware Kit?

If you live in a small space, you want to maximize every inch of your space. Murphy Beds help you to save space, while saving money and you don’t have to have a bed in the room all the time that in some cases occupies half the space. Readymade Murphy beds cost a lot, so the best solution for saving space without spending too much money would be using a DIY kit.

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What Easy Murphy bed kit sizes do you offer?

We carry hardware kits for all popular mattress sizes such as Twin, Double also known as Full and Queen. Our kits are available in both vertical mount and horizontal mount configuration.

What kind of mattress do I need for my Murphy bed?

Our wall bed kits are designed to be used with any innerspring mattress up to 12 inches thick. Your mattress should weigh between 60 to 80 pounds depending on the size of the bed you are building.

mattress sizes for wall beds

If the mattress is too light you might have to add some weights to the bed frame to weigh down the frame of the bed so it stays down when you open it.

Do you offer Horizontal and Vertical Murphy beds?

We offer Vertical wall mount Murphy wall beds that stand upright. The average height of our vertical Murphy beds is around 80 inches.

We also offer horizontal wall mount Murphy beds that stand horizontally and are ideal for areas that have low ceiling clearance. This design is also great for those of you that want to place a TV or cabinets on top of the bed therefore creating a custom built in set up.

horizontal versus vertical murphy bed

How “Easy” is it to build an Easy DIY Murphy Bed?

Building a Murphy bed is easy, but there is a process that you have to go through in order to build one. For professional woodworkers building a Murphy bed is a piece of cake! But is it easy for anyone to build a Murphy bed with just knowing the basics woodworking?

With the Easy DIY Murphy bed kits, building a Murphy bed is very easy. You just need follow the step by step instructions and you can build a bed in one weekend. But do not forget to download our construction manual to see what is involved, so you will know if purchasing a Murphy Bed Kit it is a right decision for you.

easy as pie murphy bed plans

Is building a DIY Murphy bed a seasonal project?

No! You can build an Easy DIY Murphy bed any time of the year regardless of the weather. You can get the wood cut at your local lumber store, Home Depot or Lowes store. Except for cutting the wood the rest of the project can to be done inside your home or apartment, so if after the  wood is cut, the weather wont play a factor since you can build your Murphy bed inside.

all year round wall bed construction

What kind of wood working skills do I need to build an Easy DIY Murphy bed?

There are a few basic skills that you need to know in order to complete a do it yourself Murphy wall bed project:

Drilling with a power or cordless drilldrilling holes for legs

During the process of building an Easy Murphy Bed you will need to drill a few times, so you need to know how to use and operate a drill!

Drilling pilot holesdrilling pilot holes in wall bed

During the process of building an Easy DIY Murphy Bed you will need to pre-drill the holes before driving a screw into a piece of wood, because it prevents the screw from splitting the wood. Making a pilot hole also helps you to make sure the parts will be aligned properly when you attach the pieces together.

Driving and tightening wood screwsdriving screw in bed frame

The Murphy bed is held together with wood screws so are a lot of times that you need to drive the screws in place, tighten them manually or with a power drill. You also have to tighten the cap nuts with an Allen key.

Drilling holes with a drill bit and a Forstner drill bitdfrilling with forstner bit

There are 4 places where you will need to make holes with a Forstner drill bit for the hardware that comes with your Easy DIY Murphy Bed Kit. You will also have to drill several holes with a 3/8”, and ¼” drill bit as well as drilling the pilot holes with a 1/8” drill bit.

Cutting the wood

If you cannot get the wood cut at the home improvement stores or your local lumber store, you might need to cut the wood yourself with a circular saw or table saw if you own one. Research and do find out about your options before your purchase.

cutting wppd panels for murphy bed

Do I have to cut the wood myself?

In most cases, you don’t have to! Most home improvements stores such as Lowe’s and the Home Depot and probably your local lumber store have industrial saws that can cut the wood for you for free or a small fee when you buy wood from them. You need to make sure that the wood is cut right to the proper measurements listed in the cutting guide.

Measure twice, and we cut once. So make sure you cut the wood according to the measurements in the “Cutting Sheet” for your bed size.

Before you leave your local hardware store,  it is a good idea to check all the pieces for proper sizes as shown in the cutting sheet because after you leave the store you cannot return cut wood.

home depot wood cutting for wall bed

What kind of wood do I need to build a Murphy bed?

The wood you will require is ¾” particle board or ¾” plywood. You can choose between particle board or plywood for your bed construction. However the bed frame parts must be built out of plywood because this is where most of the stress takes place and plywood is a lot stronger than other types of wood.

You will also need about 12 1”x2” solid wood pieces for the bed frame. These are common sizes available from Home Depot and Lowes. The cutting guide will provide you will all the details.

If you are an experienced woodworker you can substitute for other types of wood, but if you are not sure just contact us before you proceed with the project.

murphy bed wood materials

What if a part of my wall bed kit stops working?

No worries, you are covered! Remember, you have lifetime warranty for all the parts included in your kit. If any of the parts stops working please just contact our support team and they will take care of it.

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