More Murphy Wall Bed Projects from fellow DIY’ers!

Easy DIY Murphy bed projects by some of our recent customers

Finally finished the bed. Great kit, great instructions.
Here are a few pics from my phone, I can grab some better res pics if you would like.


Damien Goodyear

Cypress, Texas

Your box of hardware and three manuals came a couple of weeks ago. Have to admit, while I’m pretty handy, by the time I drew up bookcase units, adding 16″ to each side, and then a fake bookcase on the bottom side of the bed, I was a little spooked! I’m retired, so time isn’t that rare for me to invest. Yesterday I finished the unit . . .and couldn’t be more pleased. Your instructions are clear and accurate, and the hardware is sturdy and well priced. I’ll send you some pictures if you give me an address.


Take care. . . .   Don

You can see in the trial setups in the studio, the book border still had its beige background.  I trimmed all of that out and papered with black first and then applied the books over it.  Black velour would have less shine.

Again, thanks for your fine product!

Don Henshel

Wichita Falls, Texas

Hi Nadia,

My husband used 3/4“ Marine Grade Plywood. It’s perfectly waterproof, but because of the material we used, the bed is too heavy to lift!

Greetings from hot Florida,

Fabienne Schwyn

Saint Petersburg, Florida

Hi Nadia:

I finally finished the Murphy Bed and sent a few pictures to you.  Again, thank you so much for the great service.  Below is a little story about the making of the bed…

The DIY plans were excellent.  I would not normally pre-cut everything, but I did and your measurements were perfect.  I have a full wood shop (my Dad was a cabinet maker by trade) and was glad I did because I used most of my tools.  I guess you could make this with bare bones tools but it sure wouldn’t be easy.  I made a few modifications.  First I glued the bed front together and then installed the bed frame.  A little stronger and a better joint.  Again a matter of having the tools.  I modified the headboard, installing it at about a 2″ angle, adding molding to match the molding I added to the bed frame.  I wish I had known the headboard was mounted so low.  I would have raised it up so the bottom of the headboard was at the top of the mattress.  As it is now the mattress hits the headboard when I close the bed but it is not too much to affect anything.  I just think with the angle it would have looked better at bed height.  I also installed two Puck lights for accent.  I modified how the mattress strap was installed and included pictures of what I did.  I just didn’t like how the directions suggested to mount the strap.  After all that I built a cabinet to mount on top of the Murphy Bed to hold bedding and pillows.  The bed is installed in a room with a pitched ceiling so it gave us some extra space and also used up most of the left over wood.  It is a little hard to see in the pictures but you can make it out.

Overall I am extremely satisfied with the bed.  I have promised my youngest granddaughter that she would be the first person to sleep in the new bed as she had to give up the bunk beds we previously had for the grandkids.  She is anxiously looking forward to coming to Nana and Papa’s house to try out the new bed.

Thanks again for all your help,

Gerry Sachs

Arnold, California

We are thoroughly happy with our bed.  I have an issue that the sides of the cabinet bow a little at the lower side pivot plates.  I checked measurements and they are correct, just seems to bow in a tad causing the bed frame to scrape upon lowering.  I took some wax an rubbed at the location so it’s not a terrible issue, and I will probably be the only person to notice.

Thanks again, and I have three more to build.  The family has seen it and have orders in.  🙂

Have a good day.


Crystal Beach, Florida


Have completed the project.  It actually takes a bit longer than first thought.  Staining and finishing is tedious.

As we had discussed in the past we wanted the bed top to be higher than the plans call for so made the side panels 4″ longer and adjusted the position of the pivot hardware.  I had thought this might give me room for a drawer, but it’s just a little too narrow to make for a very workable drawer.  May still try to fit something in there but for the moment it remains an open space.

Since we raised the bed top this makes the legs useless but since you still need support my solution was a sturdy book shelf.  Just did a double thickness of plywood on the ends and made the shelf 10 1/2″ deep.

It’s not very visible but put a flat piece of trim down the center to cover the seam where the two sheets of plywood come together.  In your instructions, you say that the seam should be tight together but I challenge amateur wood workers to get a tight seam.  I cut everything on a large table saw and still didn’t get it perfect.  Can’t imagine trying to do the cutting with a skill saw.  But then that’s what trim is for, to cover your mistakes.

Also on the front edge of the side pieces decided not to try to do the laminate tape.  Went to my Lowes and bought a couple of pieces of fancy trim and attached with some construction adhesive and a few small brads.  Just dressed up the front edges.

One thing I added to the build was a cross bar on the bottom of the side pieces next to the baseboard trim.  Just seemed to make sense as a stiffener.  Also, found that 2 1/2″ lags for anchoring the bed were much too short.  Ended using 3 1/2” Just couldn’t get any grab on the wood studs.

All together with DIY kit, wood materials, stain and finish and mattress looking at just under $1,000.  Still cheaper than what I could have gone out and paid here in Central Florida.

Joe Josephson

Ocala, Florida

Here is my work so far!

Chris Young, California

Hey Mike –

Just wanted to say thanks for the excellent hardware kit and instructions. I’ve finished the Murphy bed without incident and am quite pleased. About the only snafu I had was that I bought some 3/4-inch Chinese plywood, and found that it wasn’t as flat as I would have liked. Guess you get what you pay for!

Anyway, attached are a couple of pictures of the bed that I thought you might like to see. My wife added the antiqued milk paint finish that really made the project. You can see more pictures of it if you want on my blog site at


Rich Wickstrom

Albuquerque, NM

Thanks Nadia, my Murphy Bed turned out great!

Rodney Alford

Kernersville, North Carolina

Hi Mike,  I love our new spare bedroom/ kids play room!

Scott Stachowski,

Franklin, Wisconsin

After generating four barrels of wood chips I was able to begin constructing the bed. It was easy and I only needed help to get from the work shop and installing it.


Trudy Ann Dayton

Abingdon, Virginia