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I loved your product so much that I bought a second kit

My name is Richard and I am a customer of yours. I loved your product so much that I bought a second kit. I live a far distance from family members who are scattered all over America and Japan so I use Facebook to post pictures of projects I work on, in order to let family see what I am up to. Much to my surprise, family and friends have loved the Murphy Bed pictures I posted along with the various other projects I work on. I started making videos instead of just pictures and to my surprise, the videos went over well on Facebook. I have been contacted by several people about the murphy bed and I happily refer them to your site and explain the process to deciding what type bed and size they want. Anyhow, instead of just sharing my videos with friends and family, I recently decided to make a YouTube page in hopes that others can take a look and maybe use and share ideas and this is why I am writing you. I was wondering if you would mind if I put a link to your website on my video. I am not looking for anything at all in return, I just wanted to ensure I do not infringe on any of your rights and thought it best to ask permission first.

Richard Canada March 1, 2018